Identifying a water leakage

Do you have loose tiles or bent flooring near your bathtub or toilet? Do you notice peeling paint or wallpaper? Are there any wet spots or mold spots on the ceiling beneath water sources such as toilets, sinks, or bathtubs? Are the screws connecting your toilet to the subfloor tightly attached to the floor? Do you spot any water stains or some dampness inside your … Continue reading Identifying a water leakage

How To Build A Successful Contracting Business With

Building and growing a small contracting business can be challenging: employee issues, customer service, building material problems, bad cash flow, vehicle breakdowns, and more. We collected 10 key tips from experts to help you to build a more profitable and sustainable contracting business. Build A Solid Marketing Plan Marketing is about communicating your value proposition and make your clients understanding it. In doing so you … Continue reading How To Build A Successful Contracting Business With