How much does a fitness trainer cost in Saudi Arabia?

The Fitness training market is new sector in Saudi Arabia which is becoming very trendy. In this market, trainers are trying to maximize their revenues considering the cost they sustained (e.g., education, certification) and will sustain to deliver the service, and the value perceived from the customers.

So, what is the RIGHT price for a fitness trainer?  

This article aims to explain what are the factors that affect the price of fitness trainer and the range of prices collected from the Saudi market. 

  1. Location

If the fitness trainer has his / her own gym, the price of the service is higher as it includes all operating costs of the infrastructure e.g., rent, bills, cleaning, secretary, etc.

There are new business models for Gym, where the fitness trainer can provide her / his services to customers and pay a monthly commission to the gym in exchange for using the facility. This business model allows the professional trainer to launch his / her business with minimal initial investment. 

2. Education and certification of the personal trainer 

An excellent education, maybe a college degree in sport or similar, supported by continuous training, has a very high cost. Higher is the specialization of the fitness trainer, higher is the price of the service. During their continuous training, trainers get certifications in different disciplines in order to enhance their offering to the clients. The more certification he/she has the higher is the price.

So, what is the price for a Personal Trainer in Saudi Arabia?

More than 300 SAR per hour. For this price, you should expect a well-equipped gym with new equipment in one of the best area of your city. In addition, you should expect a lot of services, such us bottle of water, towels, etc. The fitness trainer should be certified and with a bachelor’s degree in sport, or similar subjects, and super professional in designing the right program for you.  

Between 200 to 250 per hour., This is the most requested price by the top fitness trainers and the second most proposed price. For this price, you should expect a fitness trainer that is able to address any type of customer’s requirements from weight loss, sport performance improvement, etc. He/she is certified and in some cases he/she has a bachelor’s degree in fitness or sport

In the range 150 per hour. This is the most proposed price. Most of the fitness trainers recognize this price as a fair value for his / her competences. You can find good quality fitness trainer with an adequate experience for this price. Typically, they are certified in fitness training. Make sure you check their credentials. 

100 SAR per hour or less. For this price, you do not know what type of trainer you will find. You may be lucky and hire a great fitness trainer that is not able to sell his / her skills or is trying to market his / her business at a lower price. You may be unlucky and find a poor fitness trainer but with great commercial skills. Or someone that he has gained experience in fitness training but is not certified or trained to be a trainer. It is extremely important that you verify the credentials of the professional for this price. 

 Serviis connects customers with professionals. Once the customer submits a request with his / her requirements, he / she will receive up to 5 quotations. Make sure that your requirements are detailed enough to address the right fitness trainers, with the right level of experience and education.  So let’s start training activities by submitting a request on serviis

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