Tips on how to select the RIGHT fitness trainer?

A fitness trainer helps to design the right workout program to meet your fitness objectives. However, you need to select the right one, who has the knowledge and skills to provide a safe and effective workout. 

What do you need to ask when looking for a fitness trainer? 

  1. Define your objectives and requirements

First, you should define your objectives: weight loss, performance improvement, endurance improvement, etc. You should clearly specify to your potential trainers your objectives, but also your current health constraints. You should also define your day and time requirements and verify if they fit with your trainer’s availability. Some people like to exercise in the morning, others in the evening. You need to verify if your trainer is available to accommodate your schedule.

2. Ask for his/her certifications 

There are multiple International organizations that provide certifications to fitness trainer professionals. Do not be afraid to ask for copy of his / her certification to ensure he/ she has it and it did not expire. You can also call the agency that release the certification to verify the status of his / her certification. A college degree in sport science, in nutrition or similar will be a plus. However not having a degree does not really preclude a fitness trainer to be good.

3. Ask for his/her work experience

You should ask about his/her years of experience in working as a fitness trainer. You should also investigate his/her experience in working with someone that has similar objectives, similar needs and constraints to yours. If you have some medical conditions, you should also have your doctor to interview the potential fitness trainers.

4. Verify customer references 

You should ask the trainer to provide names and phone numbers of previous and current clients, which had objectives like yours. A trainer who has experience with customers like you can have a better understanding of your unique objectives and needs. Serviis’ professionals may have customer reviews on their profiles you can look at when the trainer submits the bid.  You should consider calling the current and previous clients of the potential trainers to understand.

  • Their level of satisfaction of the workouts, results and experience.
  • The level of expertise of the trainer.
  • The behavior of the trainer, including punctuality and professionalism. 

  5. Interview the potential trainers

The first impression should not count; however it is important that you interview the potential trainers and start to build a personal relationship with him/her. The fitness trainer that you select should be someone positive that is able to motivate you and support you to achieve your goals. During the interview, you should understand if he / she is truly interested to help you to achieve your objectives.

6. Understand his / her price  

Fitness trainer’s charges depend on the session length, trainer’s qualification, expertise and years of experience. The location can impact the price as well. If the trainer needs to come to your house or office, he / she may ask more than a trainer that is in a gym. You should also verify with your trainer if there are any cancellation policy in case you need to cancel a session.  Better to have the charges and cancellation policies in writing.


Selecting the right fitness trainer is very important to achieve your goals. Serviis helps you to find the best professional trainer to achieve your fitness objectives. Submit your request and receive up to 5 quotations on:

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