How to select the right packing and moving company for an office or house relocation?

Relocation is considered by many people one of most stressful and least fun event. Selecting the right packing and moving company can make the moving process very smooth, while choosing the wrong one can make a house or office relocation a nightmare.

How can customer select the right mover? Here are some tips:

  1. Plan your move.

The first step is to prepare a plan for relocation and define in detail all key requirements. Those can include budget, travel time, pick-up and delivery days, type of packaging, what to move, etc. Customers can find more details on planning the move on

2. Get estimates in writing and compare them.

First, customers should get estimates from at least 4 to 5 movers in writing in order to make sure all details of the requested services are included, and prices will not be changed at the end of the job 😊. Customers should request to the movers the following information (at least).

  • The number of carpenters the mover will use, as it makes a major difference in the required time to pack and unpack customers’ goods, load and off load the truck.  
  • The type of truck the mover will use, a closed or open truck make a major difference in sandy location like Saudi Arabia 
  • The type of boxes the mover will bring. New vs used boxes make a difference in the price and the quality of the service. 
  • If the customer is asking to move clothes, it will be good to ask for special boxes with hangers. 
  • It is also important to understand how the mover can guarantee the days and timing for the move, especially if customer needs to sync the move with other activities.
  • Understanding how the mover will guarantee the safety and security of your property and goods during the moving process is also a good information to have.

A survey of the customer’s property by the mover is recommended in order to get a more precise estimate of the service required.

3. Ask for the commercial license and insurance.

Mover with a commercial license have typically qualified people, because those employees are hired on permanent basis and have all the insurance and trained required to do the job. In addition to that, permanent employees have been subject to background and security check. Smaller companies may hire day labor or temps who are untrained, which can result in problems if there is any loss or damage. Customer should also make sure that the mover has an insurance to cover for damages during the moving process. 

4. Verify mover’s reference and services

There are many sources where customer can check mover’s reference and services. Checking the mover’s website can be the first step. It is also recommended to check other sources to read comments from customers such as mover’s Facebook and Twitter pages, or Google Places. Search pairing the mover’s name with “complaints” can also allow to find any blog posts about bad customer experiences. It is also important to verify how long the company have been in the moving business, the more the better.

5. Actual selection of the moving and packing company.

It is recommended to select the mover that check all the boxes. However, if the customer has budget constraints or other constraints, it is advisable that the customer select which services should be traded for a lower price and does not leave the decision to the mover.

6. Moving contract.

It is a best practice to have a signed contract between the customer and the mover before the moving. Customers should read the contract, before signing, and make sure 

  • Details about company license, insurance are included 
  • The service described in the contract is the same to the one described in the estimate.
  • The pick-up and delivery timing and day are specified on the contract 
  • There are not any clauses about discharging the mover from liabilities
  • There are clauses about dispute resolution.  

7. The day of the move.

It is always recommendable to be present on the day of the move. However if the customer can not be there, at least a delegated person should be at the property to make sure that the requested service is fulfilled and the customer (of his delegated person) receives an inventory list with the details of each item that will be moved and their conditions.  

At serviis, we have multiple packing and moving companies that can help customers with the house or office relocation. Customer’s request will be sent to the movers that match customer’s requirements. Customers will receive up to 5 quotations and we would recommend following the above-mentioned steps to select the right mover. If the article is useful, please share it.  

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