Planning Your Move to a New House

Moving from one house to another is a stressful process, and you want to avoid any additional stress. Using your time wisely to sell items, planning on renting moving equipment, and considering your finances are activities that should be done as soon as possible before officially leaving your old house and transitioning into your new one.


Study the distance you are traveling to move

Consider whether this move will be something you can handle by yourself and with help from friends and family. If you are moving hours away or across country, a rental truck is one of the most-necessary items you will need. Moving greater distances away means that you will probably want to ship most or all of your items to get to your destination quicker and more efficiently. If you have pets, you may want to avoid additional moving stress by having a professional take care of transporting them.


Determine how much time you have before your move

Whether you have a week or a few months before you plan to leave your old home behind, it is important to take time to plan moving costs and rent proper equipment ahead of time so that you aren’t rushed to do so closer to your move.


Plan a budget

First look at your financial status, and consider what moving services can definitely fit into your budget and which ones need to be given a second thought. You may want to put money aside and save it for moving expenses. Do you have time to set money aside before your move? Will your employer cover any part of the cost to relocate?


Decide what stays and what goes

While some families prefer to take all of their furniture and belongings to their new home, many end up selling their old home with furniture included. Decide whether you are willing to part with any of the larger pieces of furniture or appliances. This could decrease the cost of transporting your items and increase the value of the home you’re selling if the items are included inside, neatly and fashionably organized. If you prefer to take everything with you, be sure that you rent large and a sufficient number of moving trucks. Moving is a great time to get rid of the old, and prepare yourself to welcome the new.


Immediately sell or give away unwanted belongings

For those items that you decide to get rid of, you can sell them, give them away, or donate them. A garage sale can help to sell many items big and small. If you have many pieces of furniture or antiques, consider holding an estate sale. For those items that do not find a new home, you can donate them to local charities, thrift stores, or donation centers.

Pack strategically

When preparing for your big move, start early. The process of organizing everything into boxes or trucks always takes longer than what you initially think. Put all of your packed boxes into one room to avoid clutter. Trash bags can come in handy when packing bedding and clothes. Before you even start filling boxes, fold and place clothes into your empty dressers. If you’re piling things into boxes, don’t leave empty space. You want to have to transport the least amount of boxes possible.


It is important to completely plan your move ahead of time to ensure that you are avoiding as much stress as possible during this busy time. Methods such as deciding which items are staying or going, dealing with these items, planning a budget, and considering your finances are all important actions to take before moving.

If you are searching for a professional to assist you with any step of the moving process or any other home-related project, visit and request a service.


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