How to improve systematically sport performance?

Improving sport performance requires a structured and effective approach that addresses both the mental and physical capabilities of the trainee.

All professional athletes have both mental and physical coaches that allow them to use their capabilities at their best.

Sport mental coaching can be applicable for professionals, amateurs, individuals and teams, and can be used in different phases: training, competition, post competition, recovery from injuries  

The aim of the mental coaching is to help the athlete to develop sport strategies autonomously  and to maintain high level of concentration and commitment to reach his/her performance objectives.

Key steps to improve sport performance:

  • Objectives. Initially you need to define your performance objectives: what you want to obtain and when. Defining your objective allows you to focus your effort and to take full responsibility to achieve it.
  • Motivation. You need to reflect and understand why those objectives are some important for you. Knowing why you want to achieve them will motivate you also when you are facing some challenges. Lacking the awareness of the ration of your objectives is typically a reason to failure. 
  • Action Plan. You need to define an action plan: what, how , when, where you want to do it and with whom. Saying “I wish, I would like” is not enough. Write down your action plan is the first step. Add date and your signature, update it and keep it always with you. The action plan will be your guide to achieve your objectives. Work on one objective at the time. It helps you to be more effective.
  • Your Strengths. Leveraging your strengths is extremely important. You need to recognize what your strengths are to leverage them during work-outs and competition. You need to value your talent and focus on developing it.
  • Your weakness. As you recognize your strengths, you need also to understand what your weaknesses are. In this case you need to work to strengthen or build those new skills, if they are required to achieve your objectives. Perform a detailed analysis of your weak skills, and if those are required to achieve your objectives, develop a plan to enhance them.
  • Threat. You need to recognize what the main threat in achieving your objectives are. Factors such your behavior, your routine, your mental commitment, ability to concentrate are the typical threats to achieve your target sport performance. There are also some external factors that may hider the ability to achieve your sport performance objectives. Your team, your friends, your family and all the people you interact with, might affect your mental training. Prepare a list of all potential threats and define how to manage them during your training. 
  • Performance indicators. Defining your performance indicators and your targets allows you to monitor your progress, identify roadblocks and define areas for improvement. It will also help to motivate you. Good results are the best motivation for a trainee.

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