What are the best sports to lose weight?

Practicing sports allows to burn calories, and to control weight. However there are sports that allow to burn more calories than others. 

First, we need to understand some basic principles about losing weight.  

  • Weight loss should always focus on losing fat. 
  • Weight loss is achieved through a combination of sport and a good diet.
  • The human body will burn fat when the incoming calories are less than the burned calories
  • On average, it is required to burn 7000 calories to lose 1 kg in body fat. 

Let’s now discover the sport activities that allow to lose weight faster. 

Crossfit. It is one of the most trendy sport in the recent years. It allows to burn a lot of calories in a short time: about 15 calories for each hour and for each kg of weight thanks to a variety of physical exercises, including weight lifting, running, aerobic exercises, etc. Assuming your body weight is in the range of 100 kgs, and you perform 1 hour of cross fit, you will burn 1500 calories, on average. 

Swimming. Swimming is considered the most complete sport, as it allows to activate all muscles and build a harmonious body. On average, swimming allows to burn 10 calories for every hour and for each kg of weight. The crawling is the best for legs and belly.

Running and Walking.Running and walking are the most common activities to lose weight at a cheap price. On average, running allows to burn 0.9 calories for each km and for each kg of weight, while walking allows to lose on average 0.45 calories for each km and for each kg of weight. So if you walk 3 km per day and your weight is around 100 kg, you will burn around 150 calories per day. Running faster does not really increase the number of calories you burn. The difference in burned calories between a fast walk and a slow walk is in the range of 5% to 10%. 

Martial arts. Martial arts is a sport that provides multiple benefits. It allows to build a harmonious body and at same time it allows to build self-defense skills. Martial arts allow to burn on average 10 calories for each hour of activity and for each kg of weight. 

Cycling. Cycling allows to tone the muscle of your legs and at the same time to build endurance. Depending on the pace, cycling allows to burn between 6 to 10 calories for each hour of activity and for each kg of weight. 

Yoga.Most people think that practicing yoga allows to tone your muscles but not to lose weight. However this is not entirely true, as yoga’s breathing techniques allow to stimulate the metabolism and to burn calories also many hours after the lesson. Typically yoga allows to burn 120 calories for each hour of activity. 

If you are planning to lose weight, we would recommend first to consult a doctor to make sure you are in good health conditions, then define a diet with a nutritionist and a fitness program with a personal trainer. Serviis can help to find fitness trainers and nutritionists in Saudi Arabia. Submit a request on serviis.com and you will receive up to 5 quotations.

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