Seven advanced techniques to boost the positioning of your website on Google

Our previous article provided some basic techniques on how to optimize your website for search engines. This article aims at providing additional 7 advanced SEO techniques.

Technique 1 – External and internal link building 

External – Linking yourwebsite to other websiteswith high ranking on search engines, allows to improve the positioning of your webpage. The higher is the quality of the websites that links to your page, the better is for your page. Guest posting on another website or blog can allow to build external links but DON’Toverdo itor you could be flagged (and penalized) by the same search engines. Internal – Building internal links among the pages of your website is very important for two main reasons: it increasesthe positioning of the pages with poor ranking and increasesrelevance of your website on search engines.

Technique 2 – Use social media

Social media can help to optimize your positioning on search engines but also allow to build you brand and interact with your community. Posts, interaction with users, media presence will highly contribute to the ranking of your website on search engines. 

Technique 3 – Use long tail keywords

This technique allows to increase the website ranking in specific search niche by using keywords and sentences used by internet usersin the need of a specific service/product (e.g. instead of writing “phone repair” try to write “iPhone XS broken screen repair”). By using long tail keywords, your webpages are reachable by many users, increasing visibility and traffic.

Technique 4 – Use sitemap and robot

The site maps are used by search engines to assess your website and to verify which content is available for users. XML sitemap are typically used to optimize positioning on search engines. Robots.txt is a text file created to instruct search engine robots on how to crawl and index the pages on a website.

Technique 5 – update SEO frequently 

You should update the content, tiles, meta tags and all other features of your website frequently. More and high-quality content will have a major impact on the positioning of your website.

Technique 6 – Interact with users

High quality interaction with your users can have a major impact on your website. Users can provide feedback on the content that they would like to read about. High-quality comments on a blog can substantially impact the traffic of your website. Having a blog on your website can increase the interaction with your users. Having surveyscan allow you to better know your users but also to increase the interaction.

Technique 7 – Use audit tools 

There are multiple FREE SEO audit tools, such as Those tools can automatically audit your site and provide a detailed review and info on how to optimize the positioning on search engines. Those technique are not exhaustive,and you should engage a professional to enhance the positioning on search engines. Serviis has more than 300 professionals that are eager to help youon SEO related services. Submit your request on and hire the best professional that fits your needs. My last tip…to appreciate results, you should wait a few months😊.

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