Seven simple technique to improve your website ranking on Google

Building a website for your company or a blog is not enough to promote your business on digital channels. Indeed, it is imperative to make people aware of the existence of your blog/website by driving continuous traffic to it. One of the best ways to generate traffic is to improve the positioning (or ranking) of your website and blog on the search engines. 

This article aims to provide you some easy-to-implement search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. 

These techniques allow internet users to reach your website when searching for specific topics on search engines. Without SEOs, your website will hardly attract any internet traffic. 

Technique 1 – Title Tag

The title tag is the blue link showed on the search engines like Google or Bing. Internet users are typically attracted by this link. It is important that the title tag includes keywords which are relevant for your business. The title tag should not exceed 60 characters, should be attractive for internet users and should describe clearly the content of the page. You should have a title tag for each page of your website. 

Technique 2 – Use Google tools to identify the best title 

Google provides several SEO tools. Google Ad-words Keyword Planner can help you to identify the title or the best keywords you should use across your website. This tool provides information on the traffic generated by each keyword and by the target users.  

Technique 3 – Use

When writing a piece of content, you should use titles using format H2 and subtitles using format H3 and H4. This approach allows search engine to better index your pages. It is also important to repeat the keywords in subtitles. 

Technique 4 – Optimize meta-description

The meta-description is the text that appears on the search engines below the title/link of the page. It provides additional information to the users that made the search. The meta description should be appealing and attract users to click on your page. The meta-description should not exceed 156 characters, even if experts suggest no more than 137 characters. 

Technique 5 – Alt tags

It is also important to add titles or text to the images. Search engines use those tags to assess the coherence between images and content of the page. The more images are coherent with the text the better is the positioning on the search engines. 

Technique 6 – Use URL SEO-friendly 

SEO-friendly URLs allow search engines to better list a webpage, helping internet users to easily reach it. A SEO-friendly URL includes the specific keyword for the page. For example, the SEO friendly URL for our house cleaning services

Technique 7 – Optimize the content of your website

It is important that the content of the website is optimized not only for the search engines, but for users at first. Few tips on best practices: 

  • Add questions that can stimulate your readers, who can add comments to your blog or to your website. 
  • Have appealing images at the beginning of the page that can attract readers to scroll down and read your content. Images are also important to optimize your positioning if the search is done on images. 
  • Add different media on your website, including PDF, audio, video etc. Typically those media increase the time spent on the page by every visitor and improve the Bounce Rate. This shows Google and other search engines that you are providing high-quality content which helps improve the positioning on the search engines 
  • Optimize the density of the keywords of the pages. A 2%-3% density rate is ideal. The key word should be at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of each page.
  • Whenever possible use alternative keywords, as some search engines index web pages also on those alternative words. 

Knowing those on-site SEO techniques will also allow to better interact with your digital marketing agency. If you do not have time, or if you do not have the expertise, Serviis has more than 300 professionals on its platform available for SEO services. Submit your request for FREE on and hire the best professional that fits your needs. If you enjoy the article, please share. 

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