Profile tips: Are you ready for getting hired?

Ready to get new customers and grow your business?

Let’s review how to prepare your profile for customers!

1. Set up a great profile

When you send a quote to a customer, we will attach also your profile. Spend few minutes to fill out all the required fields of your profile, in order to stand out among the other professionals that will apply for the same job (never more than 5).

Remember to add the following elements to your profile:

  1. A profile picture: a picture of you or your company logo.
  2. A background picture: a picture that is representative of your industry/field.
  3. Introduction: a description of yourself and of your working experience.
  4. Pictures: add pictures from your past works to show the quality of your work.

WATCH OUR VIDEO: How to create a great profile

2. Be professional and write great quotes

When you send a quote try to be as much professional as possible. Give an idea of the price you would apply, specify what’s included and what’s not, attach pictures from previous works. And remember to be always kind.

3. Get reviews

Whenever you’ve done with a service always remember to ask for a review. If you are new to Serviis you can ask your past customer out of Serviis to leave you a review. It’s demonstrated that Professionals with at least 5 reviews have 74% more chances of getting hired than Pro without reviews.

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