What makes a Photographer special?

Anyone can take pictures. Literally anyone! but what makes a picture unique? why do we hire photographers and pay them thousands of Riyals on our special occasions? is it because they carry a professional camera? or because they point out the perfect angels when taking pictures? Also, what makes the pictures they click so amazing and eye-catching? in this article, I will give you the relief of paying these photographers this amount of money; and feel good about it.

Every picture taken by a photographer contains a basic structure; that’s one thing that makes it special. The structure is simply an underlying compositional order that catches the eye as far as it was; colors, shapes, and contrasts between light and dark. If it grabs you eye and attention from a distance far away, it is special. Photographers build stories behind the pictures they take, if you’re not a photographer you probably wouldn’t be able to recognize the story, but you will be able to fall in love with it. As previously mentioned, everyone is able to catch a picture; but not anyone is able to make it eye-catching.

Great photographers and videographers are able to create their personal style, Some like their pictures to be too sharp, some others focus mostly on details, but what really matters is the structure.

Take a look at this photo taken by Ruin, on 28th of July 1996.


This photo won a lot of awards due to its high structure, the colors and angles make it very special and eye-catching, even though the content of it is very simple. And that is what I’m trying to point out, anyone can take a picture of this old building or house, but not anyone can receive an award for it.

The photographer you hire at your wedding night or graduation or any other special occasion is responsible for the memories you make on this special day, so hire someone special. Never regret paying money to your photographer/videographer, because the memories of any special day in your life are priceless! Hire the most professional photographer/videographer that will create your memories by a unique click on a button through www.serviis.com, make your occasion an unforgettable one!

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