Final Exams Survival

 Finals Exams Survival 

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It’s the finals week! Making it through the finals requires a lot of work. Surely, you may pass if you study enough the night before the exam. But we are not talking about only ‘passing’ here. We are talking about stress-free, straight-A’s passing!


We gathered a few tips that will help you in succeeding your final exams while maintaining a healthy life-style:


Manage your time: 

Break your study sessions into several sessions. Giving yourself deadlines and sticking to them can help you accomplish more. Also, prepare yourself ahead of time by keeping yourself on track throughout the semester with daily readings/revisions.


Keep Notes: 

Write down notes during lectures and keep them in a safe place. Reading them when you study for your exam will help you a lot.



Deleting your social media applications during the final week is a good idea. Studying in a room with no TV can spare you the nagging temptation of watching your favorite TV show for a while.


Be nice to your body: 

Get enough sleep and eat healthy food. Replace energy drinks for coffee to give you some energy boost before your studying session, but don’t over do it. Too much coffee can irritate your intestine linings. Hire your personal nutritionist who can help you learn what’s best for you.



Exercising increases the blood flow to your brain, and helps in secreting hormones like Serotonin, Dopamine and Norepinephrine. These hormones are involved in your sleep patterns, mood stability and mental performance.


Seek help if you need it: 

If you face any difficulties in comprehending your study material, you should ask for help. Other than your instructor and your friends, you might also consider hiring a personal tutor.



Learning how to celebrate your accomplishments will help you accomplish more in the future. If you do well on an exam of a challenging subject, give yourself a reward! You could celebrate in the simplest ways by rewarding yourself with a small treat.

Now that the list is complete, back to study! And if you need any support, at Serviis, we have a wide range of professional tutors ready to help you. Visit our website to know more:

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