How To Prepare The House for Ramadan? Smart Ideas No One Told You About

Ramadan is near! We gathered a few tips for you to prepare your home for Ramadan with a new spirit.


We’ll start with the toughest one: Cleaning!


Wipe your TV screen with coffee filter. This way you will remove dust without leaving any prints!



Wipe your outdoor furniture with water and some dishwashing liquid to bring back its old shine!



Got wooden furniture with some scratches? Rub a piece of walnut over the scratch to cover it!



Soak rusty tools in some water and vinegar to remove rust.



Rub water-stained surfaces with some lemon and salt to remove the stains.



Looks like it’s a tough job! You probably need some help! Hire your maid through Serviis now:


We’ll focus on frozen food in this article since it is one of the most important things in Ramadan. You’ll be occupied with worshipping, work and kids, your kitchen needs to be backed up with some frozen food. You can freeze almost any kind of food; from samboosa, pastries, to mahshi’s. But you need to keep in mind the following:

  • The expiry date of the ingredients and that they are good up to at least three months from the date of preparing them.

  • After preparing the food, leave it outside to cool down to room temperature (if it was hot) before putting them in the freezer.

  • Use plastic containers instead of bags to save more storage room in the freezer. But make sure that the containers can be used for freezing.

  • Make sure that the containers sizes will not waste too much space.

  • Close the containers very well so that the food’s taste won’t change

Now let’s talk about decoration!

Ramadan decoration adds some spirituality to the environment and makes us feel that we are in a special time of the year. But this year, make it different!


Everybody decorates their home with lanterns and Tayazeer textile. So why don’t you try something different and make your own decoration at home? Try colored papers, or try and recycle some old magazines and newspapers.


Making decorations at home as a craft activity with the kids gives these decorative items a great sentimental value. And it’s fun!

Make Ramadan preparations a fun experience. May Allah grant us many more years to witness future Ramadans in good health and wellness. Best wishes from Serviis.

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