Try Eid With

Even home follows certain protocols for Eid. But in this article, we gathered for you the main that most people do for Eid, and how can help you prepare them with a click.

1. House Cleaning


Floor, window, and carpet cleaning. House cleaning enhances our moods. At, we can help you find cleaners for any purpose.

2. Hospitality


Eid is all about visits and guest-welcoming. The quality of treats that you offer to your guest can be an indicator of how welcoming you are to your guests. You can bring chocolate or candies, in addition to traditional sweets like ma’amoul. has catering service providers who can provide you with whatever you need with a click of a button.


3. Home Decoration 


Most people add some pretty little decorative items in their homes. But have you tried renewing your furniture? Request interior design service from our website and we’ll connect you with a talented interior designer to redecorate your living room for Eid!

4. Celebrate 


You truly feel Eid when you are surrounded by family and friends. helps you prepare for the celebration you love by connecting you with many service providers, from catering, entertaining and more.

Serviis team wishes you a happy Eid!


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