Tips from The Graphic Designer Lara Trad for a Better Design in Less Time

In this article, we will learn the basics of art and design which are considered a strong base behind any successful design. We wonder here about how to accomplish successful and creative designs in a short period of time.

First: Motivation


From my past experiences in freelancing and working as a coach and designer, I think that the motivation and enthusiasm are the first and most important things that any successful designer rely on.

Second: Research


Staying updated with a critical eye makes the mind in a constant state of renewal. Our minds store everything we learn, and it adds on it what we are currently exploring in order to help us think outside the box.

Third: Brainstorming 


Brainstorming only needs a paper, pen and 30 minutes. Write everything that comes up in your mind after thinking about the project, do not stop even if what you wrote was irrelevant or did not make any sense. Just continue writing and take breaks. Take a walk, watch TV or have a snack to change your mood. Do something different for a few minutes and then continue brain storming. Repeat this process at least 3 times. The purpose of brainstorming is stimulating unconventional thinking and creativity. Designers, architects and writers use this method.

Forth: Sketching 


Some people, especially those who are new to it, skip sketching and jump off to the computer thinking that it is a waste of time. In a simple scenario and a real experiment,  I explain  why sketching is important:

In a simple experiment done by my university during our first year, we were divided into 2 groups: Group A doesn’t have to use pen and paper, only design software. And group B was free to use any drawing tool.

We had 5 hours to submit a logo for a well-known company. The groups were done on time but with major differences. Group A was not satisfied with the results; the project was something they just wanted to hand-in. Whereas group B was satisfied and relaxed despite the tight deadline.

Design software has so much qualities, but this does not mean we can jump to it without sketching first.

Our brains are not software, our brains think and give commands. Softwares are only tools made for execution. When we start working on a project without a base thinking that we are going to finish it faster, we make a mistake. Our human brains cannot simultaneously substitute the huge amounts of tools and abilities that software can make. Our brains need to focus on a single tool at a time in order to explore, imagine and create. Therefore, our brains will always need a pen and a blank paper to explore its thoughts and try to sketch them. Sketching doesn’t have to be organized or precise. The goal of sketching is stimulating the conscious and unconscious minds simultaneously.

Group B took 30 minutes to design the project, 2 hours in sketching, and half an hour researching and seeking inspiration from other artists.

Group A consumed their energy and time in looking for a solution using software tools.

Fifth: Design Grids
Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 9.15.41 PM

Finally, my main rule and tip is simplicity and using design grids. Any good design is simple. Start simple and focus your strength on what you do not add, not what you add. Rely on the white space known as the negative space. How? Use design grids. Always use it and avoid randomness.

About the author: 
Lara Samir Trad, an artist and a graphic designer graduated from Texas Women’s University. A certified coach in design. Always loved creativity and imagination.

Lara Trad is one of professionals, in addition to a pool of service providers from different areas. you can fulfil your business and household needs through


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