Five Tips For A Home Makeover with Serviis

The most important difficult part of any home makeover—big or small—is to strike the right balance between your budget and your dream project. It is important to keep realistic goals and a specific plan to reach these goals. When doing a home makeover, it is easy to get carried away with spending unnecessary money on furniture and services, so determine the budget and stick to it are important tasks, as well. You can do a home makeover by yourself, and can save some money by independently doing the work and making smart purchases, but you will also face the risk to make mistakes and overspend.

Some key tips:

Visit vintage and thrift shores


Gently used furniture can add a unique touch to any space. Vintage stores offer great antiques and one-of-a-kind items. An upholstered chair or refurbished end table can add character to any room. Shopping at thrift stores provide thrills and the ultimate capture of great second-hand items at cheap prices. Whether you love the vintage style or are on a tight budget, these stores offer items that can transform a room.

Add shelving

shutterstock_286000223Shelving can add both storage space and décor. Shelving is great to display photographs, collectibles, and books while adding character to a space. Smaller rooms that do not offer quite enough room to display your personality through furniture can benefit from shelving. Floor to ceiling shelves as bookcases or floating shelves will provide you with a significant amount of space and provide you with décor to express your creative side.

Refurnish old furniture


Reupholster and old chair or paint its legs. This way you can use that can of old paint that has been sitting in your basement and repurpose a chair that lost its place in your home. Try painting an end table a bold color or give it a distressed look. Turn an old dresser into a television stand by removing its drawers to add open storage and repainting it. A smooth sanding and fresh coat of paint can transform any piece of furniture.

Make a first impression


Redecorate the entrance way of your house. Paint a bold accent wall or hang artwork. An appealing entryway will set the tone for the rest of your home. Attach hooks to the wall to hang jackets and bags instead of cluttering floors or furniture with them. Replace old flooring with new laminate or wood flooring and a stylish rug. Horizontal floor boards make a narrow room seem wider, and vertical floor boards make a room appear to be much longer.

Buy new bedding


A simple gesture such as selecting a new comforter and sheet set will refresh your bedroom. Keep in mind that thread count does count. Sheets with a higher thread count are more durable and comfortable. Add an accent pillow to have a pop of color. Enhance your bed with decals or electric tape to make a headboard.


You can highly personalize your home with very simple tasks and spending on few items. However if you do not have the right set of skills, home makeover services such as painting, cleaning, and other household projects are offered to you through You have the opportunity to hire a local professional team who can help make your home makeover dreams become reality.

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