How to grow a home garden in Saudi

Not every location on the map is viable for outdoor gardens with little work. While some locations provide great soil for crops and the perfect ratio of sunlight and rain, the climate of Saudi is hot and dry. There are a few ways to defeat these harsh conditions and maintain a beautiful garden.


Ground Garden Outdoors

If you are planting a garden outside, it is important to prepare the soil. The desert-type environment may present challenges, but there are steps to take in order to overcome them. First, the soil must be improved. By testing the soil you can determine the salinity. This will assist you in accessing what methods to take to improve the soil and what plants will be the most successful. If the salinity is high, you can substitute some of the soil with sweet sand. It helps if you add a mixture of commercial potting mix and perlite. Organic compost is always healthy for a garden and for the environment. This will help to maintain growth and health of your plants. Grow plants that will flourish in the Saudi climate. Native plants are always the best option or ones that you have had success with in previous years. Choose plants that will flourish even in extreme heat conditions without an excess of water. Consider the direction your garden faces. If it will be receiving a lot of sunlight because of its position to the sun, choose a plant that prefers the amount of direct sunlight that will be received.


Rooftop Garden

Not everyone has a yard or room to place a garden, but if you have a rooftop that is accessible, you can begin a garden up there. Since you may not have a constant supply of fresh ground soil, you can always use potting soil. This is actually a positive aspect because you will not have dry desert-like soil. Coffee cans make great pots for plants and give them another purpose when they are empty. Traditional flower pots of all different shapes also make for great planting pots. Be sure that if you are growing foods, the pot is large enough to hold the roots and keep the plant sturdily placed inside. Fill your containers with the potting soil, and it is encouraged to add some compost to create healthier plants. Some great suggestions for this climate are eggplants, potatoes, lettuce, and okra for food sources, and geraniums and marigolds if you prefer to plant ornamental flowers. It is important to place these in a location that receives some shade as constant sunlight is never healthy for a plant. Sheets and tarpaulins can be used as tools to place covering over plants if shade is unavailable. Be sure to water the plants daily, and you may need to water them more frequently on extremely hot days.


Indoor Garden

Maintaining an indoor garden can be the easiest way to keep ornamental flowers if you have proper sunlight. Find a good location where there will be sufficient light such as a window or near a back door. Use containers of different sizes and shapes to contain your plants. Remember, this is an indoor garden, so it may be preferred to match the pots to your décor.

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