Is a home security system worth the money in Saudi Arabia ?

In Saudi Arabia, a home security system brings you a sense of peace of mind, but it is effective only with proper installation, adequate training, and maintenance. However, the security come at a cost. The cost may serve as a setback for installing a system and cause people to think twice before making this investment, but there are many benefits that alarm systems offer to provide security against burglaries.


  • Prevent burglary

The main reason that many people install a security system is to avoid burglaries and repeat attempts. A surveillance camera is a great alternative or addition to any full home security system. That way, footage of the intruder can be captured. Having a home security system is a great method to decrease the chances that your home will be robbed. Burglars will think twice before entering your home.


  • Prevent repeat burglaries

 If you stay burglary-free, your homeowner’s insurance may decrease. If your home is not being broken into, your insurance provider won’t have to pay money for damage to be fixed. Security systems may cause burglars to think twice, leading to a decrease of burglaries and repeat attempts within neighborhoods.


  • Protects valuables 

One of the most-often thought of purposes besides the safety of your family is a safety of your valuables. Whether you have antiques, items that have been passed down from generation to generation, or cash, it is important to keep these items protected without the fear that they could be taken from you. Often, high-end items and money are the reasons that robberies occur. Expensive jewelry and electronics are typically stolen. While these items are replaceable at a price, family heirlooms are not.


  • Lowers your homeowner’s insurance

 Your insurance group may reward you with lower premiums. Although you may still have to pay a monthly fee for the upkeep of the security system, you could still be earning money back.


  • Peace of mind

You will gain confidence from feeling safe with a security system. The feeling that you will be warned if an intruder attempts to break in will help you to focus and be more productive in everyday life.

While home security systems make your house exceptionally safe and able to show evidence of a burglar, there are some downfalls that force you to consider whether a home security system is really worth the money.

An installation fee along with putting money towards equipment can really add to the installation cost of a home security system. Other extra fees may be applied, so be sure to check the owner’s manual for directions of how to set up the system. Paying someone to set it up could be very costly, while only saving you some time. It is possible to get a discounted fee, but there are still other maintenance expenses to keep the security system running smoothly.

In conclusion, while the cost to install a security system can be a few hundred dollars, it is worth it to protect you from intruders threatening your safety and the loss of valuables. Although many benefits are presented with a home security system, it is important to consider how necessary a system is for your household. You must consider factors such as location, crime rate, and whether you can afford monthly payments for the system.

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