Serviis Professionals: How to enable and disable notifications

On Serviis, You can choose to enable or disable email and SMS notifications when you receive bids for your project requests.

Please note that mobile push notifications are already active for all users.

Set notifications from website – Mark ( A) in the graph.

  • Click on your name from the top menu and select ACCOUNT SETTINGS (green line in the graph).
  • Under Notifications select your favorite channel to receive the notifications about your bids and potential projects where you can bid on e., select email or SMS or both.
  • Click SAVE button.


Set notifications from APP

  • Go to any page other than Profile from the bottom menu (in the example I’m on the page Credits) and click on the top right of the screen (green line in the graph).
  • Click on Settings
  • Choose your favorite options from the NOTIFICATIONS menu i.e., SMS, email or both
  • Click SAVE

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