What happens when a consumer order from Serviis ?

Serviis is a marketplace that connects consumers, like you, with service providers from home services (such as plumbing, painting, cleaning, carpentry, construction, electrical and more) or events (e.g., Catering, photography, DJ) or wellness services (such as fitness, nutritionist) or educational services (such as language lessons, tutoring), or business or tech services (such as graphic design, web design, app development), and more.

Serviis is not involved in the delivery of any of those services and does not receive any share of the revenues of the service providers. Serviis will receive only an introductory fee from the service providers that decide to bid on the consumers’ project.

There are Six main steps:

  1. Create an order: Consumers create a project order by answering to specific questions. This allows service providers to provide tailored quotation.
  2. Place the order: Once a consumer places an order through serviis app or website, all service providers that meet the consumers’ specifications, will receive the order without the consumer contact details.
  3. Bidding: Service providers will then decide whether they want to bid for the project. In order to bid, they will pay serviis an introductory fee which is in the range of SR5 to SR50.
  4. Hiring: The consumer will receive up to 5 quotations from 5 different service providers, and then he/she will need to hire one. Consumers can also negotiate with the service provider through the website and share contact details, if they like.
  5. Direct engagement: Once the service providers is hired, we will share the consumers’ contact details.
  6. Review: at the end of the project, consumers are requested to leave a review on the service providers’ performance. The service providers are also request to leave a review on the consumers.

Through www.Serviis.com, consumers will enjoy the following:

  • Market transparency: consumers can leave reviews on the suppliers’ work, and make the market more transparent.
  • Price comparison: consumers can have a tool to compare prices easily and the competition approach can allow to receive competitive prices.
  • Quality: Quality will be increased because of the feedback of the consumers, and quality programs we are launching in the coming months.

It will be important that consumers:

  • Create projects only if really interested to recruit a service provider, as service providers will pay introductory fee to bid for the project.
  • Hire through the platform, so all other service providers know that they lost the bid.
  • Leave reviews on service providers’ performance to allow service providers to improve performance on the next project.

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