Why and how to select a tax advisor?

Having a great tax advisor provides multiple benefits to entrepreneurs but also to individuals:

  • The right advisor can allow business owners to save millions.
  • The tax advisors can help expatriates to optimize their taxes while living in Saudi Arabia.
  • The tax advisors can support local companies in the submission of zakat and other Saudi taxes.

Whether you are searching for the best tax advisor for the first time, looking for a new one because you are unsatisfied with your current one, or you are relocating, the process can be fairly simple.

serviis_interviwAsk for an interview

You should request at least a phone interview. If the tax advisor still does not have the time to do this or wants to charge you, you may want to search for a new prospective tax advisor. You will probably want to find someone who is able to take time to listen to you and answer all of your questions. However, if you ask all the questions and you do not receive any from the potential candidate, this should be a red flag.

Serviis_experinceInquire about their credentials and experience

How long has each candidate been a practicing tax advisory? What type of experience does he/she have? In addition, it may be helpful to know if they specialize in a certain service so you know you can count on them if you are running a small business or have a rental property in Saudi Arabia or you are an expatriate trying to repatriate your savings.

serviis_thinkingUnderstand it’s level of commitment and thinking

An average tax advisor will provide standard solutions, which will not fully address your needs. The best advisor will spend time with you to understand your goals, your requirements, and needs and finally propose a long-term tax strategy solution. You should also look for advisors that are passionate about their services and shows a strong level of commitment.

serviis_accountingConsider their charge

Don’t hold back from immediately asking a tax advisor what they charge for their services. You want to make sure you are getting the value from a dependable advisor. It is unlikely they will be able to provide you with an exact cost, but usually, they can give you an estimate. Do they charge a flat fee, or is it based on an hourly rate? Will that fee cover absolutely everything you need to be done, or will there be additional costs and add-ons?

When assessing the cost of the tax advisor, do not hold back on paying a tax advisor if he/she make you saving millions.

serviis_available.jpgAsk for their availability

You should make sure that the tax advisor you are considering has the time to add you as a client. If you need your taxes done by a certain date, make sure they will be completed in a timely manner.

Utilizing serviis.com to search for a tax advisor can save you money and time. It also provides you the opportunities to interact with the potential advisors, and then select the preferred advisor among the different quotations received.

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