How to Get Ready for Household Move?

Most probably you have moved several times, however there is always something you would have done differently. We prepared a few tips to help you in preparing a household move. It is important you execute the household move with a very specific approach.


First, you need to prepare a plan to ensure everything is on track for the day of the move. A plan will include three important elements: a list of activities with a schedule week by week, a budget and key responsibilities.

serviis_packing_listDecide what stays and what to pack

An important element of your planning is to decide what needs to be packed and moved, and what needs to stay. Preparing a list of the things you would like to take with you can help to decide what leave behind.

serviis_stuffWhat to do with items that stay

You have two choices: donate them or sell them. Items that are not broken and can still be used are good for sales or for a donation. There are multiple organization in Saudi Arabia you can engage to donate your items.

shutterstock_1023885217Prepare for packing

There are three fundamental items you need to procure to prepare for packing: boxes, scissors, packing tape, printed labels and newspaper. You might consider leveraging a third party mover also for the packing but this will be at a price.

Key rules to packing   

It is better to start packing with the least used room in order not to disrupt the daily activities in your house. It is also important to arrange the packing by room, so you can easily allocate the boxes by room in the new house.

Another important rule is to limit the weight of each box to no more than 20 kg so it is easy to move or lift. For example, it is better to split the books into multiple boxes.

Clothes should be packed in special boxes or in plastic bags.

Special attention should be given to tableware as they are very fragile.

Do it by yourself vs. hiring a specialized mover

When moving you have multiple options: from hiring a mover who will also pack and unpack your entire household, to packing only selected items and taking a mover for the remaining activities. If cost is not an issue it is better to hire a professional to accompany you in the entire process.

If you need a professional mover in Saudi Arabia, you can visit and submit a request. You will receive up to 5 quotations from movers and then you can hire the best professional that fits your budget and your needs.

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