Bride to be? Choose the perfect make-up artist


Every girl dreams of her wedding day and imagines how it is going to be. With each year of growth in their lives, this dream grows with them too. Therefore, every little detail of this day is what makes it special; The overall look of the bride, the hotel booked, the invitations and a lot more, but of course most importantly the partner who will share all of these details with her. In this article we will be discussing the importance of the bride’s look on her wedding night, specifically how to choose the right makeup artist that makes her look unforgettable.

Choosing a Makeup Artist is one of the most stressful choices on any bride’s TO DO list, especially in the Middle East. The reason behind that is because there are too many talented/ professional makeup artists to choose from, add to that the very high pricing these professionals provide to customers. Therefore, we will put an end to your confusion and acknowledge you with the most important considerations that must be introduced when selecting a makeup artist for your wedding night.

First: Quality

Do not underestimate the importance of your night and start looking for the cheapest pricing in Jeddah or Riyadh, look for the most qualified that is known for high-quality work and cleanness, look for the one that is used to dealing with brides or the one that a former bride recommended to you.
As we mentioned earlier, there are too many talented makeup artists in Saudi Arabia to choose from. To book the best of all, note the top five names and make a comparison between them to point out the top first.

Second: The comparison

After you note the top five names of makeup artists in your town, identify the theme that suits your style best. For example, some makeup artists specialize in the dramatic makeup, others specialize in the simple style and others with something more feminine. So, think very carefully of the theme that describes your personality and best presents your look at your special night. One way to know which style suits your face shape or personality more; is through previous experiences with makeup styles and colors.

Third: The Positives and The Negatives

A very important factor that you have to consider is the positives and negatives of the makeup artist that you’re dealing with. Tardiness can be classified as a very strong negativity since you are a bride and you have a very strict timing schedule. Another negativity is when the makeup artist is moody and does not consider that you are a bride and you’re stressed enough and not ready for more tension on your night. All of these comments are extremely important to consider, regardless of how talented the artist was, and all of this information can be gathered through previous bridal communication, that is why it’s very important to review the artist’s profile and read the comments.

Fourth: The Budget

Every bride is controlled by the budget when choosing a makeup artist. In Saudi Arabia, some makeup artists are very costly, which might be a struggle for the brides. Before choosing your artist, keep in mind that the talented artist is not necessarily the one with the highest price, the high pricing occurs due to fame, previous deals with celebrities or the expensive products they use. There are many professionals that provide reasonable prices and a high quality work that you can look for and book for your special night.

Fifth: Perfect Timing

When you finish the comparison and choose the best makeup artist that suits your desires, make the booking call a long time before your night to make sure that they are available and prevent the stress of how your makeup will look and who will do it for you.

Finally, remember that the man you’re sharing this with would love to see how lucky he is for choosing you as his life partner. Show him how lucky he is and how beautiful you are by choosing the right makeup Artist through, Best wishes and Stay Special!

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