What is Required to Allow Young Saudi Girls to Play Sports in Public Schools?

Recently, the Minister of Education announced that starting from the next academic year, young girls will be allowed to play sports in the public schools. This decision is aligned with some of the guidelines of the Saudi Vision 2030 plan, which aims to increase the percentage of Saudi people to exercise every week from 15% to 40% and raise life expectancy from 74 years to 80 years.

However, this new policy require the Saudi society to address multiple questions to be ready for this new policy:

  1. Do young girls have enough awareness to follow the right diet for an active lifestyle?
  2. Do the private and public schools have the right set of infrastructure?
  3. Do the education providers have female teachers?

Starting to do sport is not easy if you have never done it. You should progress gradually with the right level of guidance and support. Exercises and stretching should be progressively more complex, and resting time should be progressively decrease.

Also the diet is extremely important, as all energy required to do sport is directly linked to what young girls eat. Reviewing the diet and having a more balanced and energy-rich diet is fundamental.

Saudi schools may also require some adjustments to their infrastructure. Schools may require to build some sport facilities and changing rooms. The time is extremely short and private and public schools need contractors on short notice.

Finally, Saudi girls schools need female professional sport teachers, and we may not be fully equipped. This may require contractors and public schools to hire female sport instructors on short notice.

At serviis.com , we have female training professionals and nutritionists that can help prepare students for the new academic year. We also have multiple general contractors that can support private and public school to get ready for the new academic year. Please contact us to have details.


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