How to Change Your Home Walls in Creative Ways

Are your home walls boring? Do you need them to have a bit more color and reflect your soul?

You can add some stickers, or you can re-paint them using some creative patterns and designs. In any case, we would recommend to engage a professional to avoid mistakes

Some ideas

  1. A window on your dream island.

You can have a picture or design a window on the most beautiful Italian Islands. You can add a painting/wall sticker of the island of Procida, Italy or the more exotic Maldives Islands.

  1. Adventure

How about an exciting view of a city landscape?

  1. Desert view

If you want to feel in an oasis, and enjoy the quietness of the desert, you can go for window stickers.

  1. Fantasy

If you want to have a more fantasy oriented room that makes your kids happy, you can go for something like the picture above.

  1. Quite and chic

If you want to add some style and quietness to your rooms, you might consider adding some floral stickers.

  1. Your Love

If you want to confirm every day your love, you can think about some short scripts or love quotes to decorate your surroundings.

  1. Country style

If you have country-type furniture, you can consider this addition to your home environment.

So there are many different types of styles you can consider for your home, your creativity is the limit … but implementation now is the key challenge. You can paint by yourself through following this simple steps:

  • Prepare the work area by removing all accessories, clearing your furniture, laying down a drop cloth, cleaning the surface of the wall gently, covering adjacent surfaces, etc
  • Apply primer and let the primer to dry completely
  • Paint the wall, by designing first images, then choosing the right types of paint, painting the trim by hand, and then the interior of the wall, and once completed applying additional coats
  • Allow the paint to set-up for a couple of days

However, we would recommend to select a professional especially for complex design, in order to avoid mistakes and frustration. will be happy to help you in your search. Search and engage a professional on

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