How to Select a DJ for Your Party

Selecting a DJ for your party can be complex, so we would like to provide you some guiding tips.

As a first step, you should prepare a list of potential DJs. So far, this was quite difficult in Saudi Arabia, as you need to rely on direct experience or referrals, but now you can use and search for DJ in the event category

Once you have a short list of DJs, you need to schedule some interviews or online chat. You can submit some specific questions to understand who you are talking with.


Question 1 – Try to understand the expertise of the DJ e.g., Weddings, Birthdays, Other parties. This is important to understand if they fit with the scope of your party. You may also ask for referrals to have a direct feedback from other clients or check his reviews, or ask to provide reviews from other clients.



Question 2 – Test his expertise by asking to provide suggestions for a song list. A professional DJ will provide advice on how to tailor the song list, based on your interests, the type of party, and try to create something unique for your party. He should also explain how he can handle song requests. Two approaches may exist: a) stick to the list you provided, b) try to insert the new song in the play list. You should also ask an example of song mix he performed in previous events. This will be important also to test his mixing techniques.



Question 3 – it will be important to understand how the DJ will encourage guests to dance and have fun. There are multiple incentives DJs use to push guests to dance and have fun. You want to be sure that DJ will behave appropriately for the type of party you are organizing.



Question 4 – you need to understand if he will take all equipment and other professionals with him. Typically DJs have their own equipment or use their preferred suppliers. It will be important to understand the musical instruments that will be used at your party. You should also understand if they have back up instruments, in case of some equipment do not work few minutes before or during your party. There are other professionals you need when organizing a party. You will need technicians for the lights, for the screens etc. You should ask if the DJs will bring his own crew or he has some preferred suppliers. It also good if those have back up equipment.



Question 5 – At this stage you have multiple elements to decide, and you might consider to ask him why you should select him and not others. He may tell you something you have forgotten to ask, and mention other providers you have not yet considered.


Once you have collected and analyzed all data, you are ready to select your DJ and his crew. It will be essential to conduct a survey of the venue of the party with the DJ and his technical crew. So they can now better understand the key peculiarities and size of the venue, the equipment that are required and your needs and guidelines. The venue survey will allow to refine the costs for your DJ and his equipment.

And now, enjoy the party and use to identify potential DJs and technicians

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