How Serviis can help in growing your moving business

Owning a moving business can be a rewarding venture if you are able to implement some specific service, pricing, and marketing strategies.


Good customer service is a key prerequisite to building a reputation in the market. You really need to think hard about the service and to the little things you can provide to the customer to enhance your service offering. I recently moved from one city to another, and among three potential providers, I selected the one which offers some free, special services (e.g., special boxes to pack my suits).   By the way, they also provided the most competitive offer.


Competitive price. It is important you conduct a detailed costs analysis, and then set a fair price for your service. This does not mean that you need to have a low price. Your price should be aligned with the service you offer. To build trust you may consider an online pricing tool that provides to your customer free estimate. This will allow you to create transparency for your clients.

Build an online presence. You should consider having a simple and easy to navigate responsive website, and company profiles on the most important social channels (e.g., twitter in Saudi Arabia). Your website should have a clear description of your service offering, types of trucks, your contact details, and commercial registration. Having some forms to estimate the cost of your service will be also good to build a transparent relationship with your customers.


Building a blog with key tips on moving and packing, statistics on the moving sectors and some fun topics will be also interesting to attract clients and build an online reputation.

shutterstock_587118269It is important to build and nurture your reputation. There are multiple ways to do that. You can use your website to get testimonials from clients or have a review page with customers’ feedbacks, having a profile on social media with reviews from customers.  Interacting with customers on social media is also key to build a reputation and get connected with existing and future customers.

Those simple strategies are aligned with the outcome of a recent customer survey we conducted in Saudi Arabia. Small and medium service providers lack of digital presence, do not provide transparency on service quality and pricing. You can read the full study on

Serviis is aiming at supporting moving and packaging companies in implementing those strategies and overcome the issues identified by the Saudi consumers. Through Serviis, moving and packaging companies can

  • build an online profile, which can be shared on social media.
  • receive leads and bid on them.
  • can request statistics on the market prices.
  • Leverage our blog to write articles and provides tips to customers.

If you have a moving business and you want to grow your revenues, build your online profile on

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