Top 5 Way to Get Rid of Cellulite

Do you find yourself constantly looking in the mirror and wishing you didn’t have that extra cellulite, noticing how it often reveals wrinkles on your skin? It doesn’t matter what age you are; cellulite can happen at nearly any age. It may leave you self-conscious about your body and even the view from behind, but preventing cellulite and ridding your body of this annoying substance can be easy and only take a few simple steps.

shutterstock_369840002Apply Lotion

There are many creams that can help tighten your skin. Creams with anticellulite ingredients can get rid of your cellulite in as little as six hours. If you apply another layer of this cream, you can enhance the results. Creams can enter your skin in all areas of your body. This can occur easier if dead skin cells are first removed. Exfoliate your skin with natural products to make your skin even healthier. A lotion without fragrance or color can be applied to give your skin a natural glow while moisturizing it. These lotions may be the safest for all skin types, especially those that are sensitive. Lotions with fragrance or colors may cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin. Apply lotion or anti-cellulite cream up to twice a day. Massaging the lotion into your skin can improve blood flow and get rid of fluids beneath the skin.

shutterstock_1027256485Stretch Out Your Body

Increasing the circulation throughout your body can decrease the lumps and bags that are in your skin. Extend your legs and stretch them. Hold your stretching positions for between 10 and 20 seconds and then switch legs. Repeat this a few times each day.

shutterstock_772601920Get Toned

Getting moving is one of the best treatments for cellulite. There are many ways that you can work to get toned. Working your butt and thighs can result in a significant loss of cellulite and more muscle. Your cellulite may not completely disappear, but developing muscles beneath it can make your skin look much tighter and smoother. Extra weight can make cellulite more visible. Losing weight is most effective if it is done slowly. Diets that cause you to lose weight quickly can also cause cellulite to be more visible. Losing a lot of weight quickly leaves loose skin. If you plan a healthy diet, exercise, and perform moves that help to tone your muscles, you can start getting toned.

shutterstock_268199960Eat Healthier

Eating more fibrous foods can become a much healthier option than food considered to have “empty” calories such as an excessive amount of bread and carbohydrates, and sugars. Consuming these items cause fat to build up in areas that are prone to cellulite.

shutterstock_606342389Use Tanning Lotion or Spray

If you are preparing for a special event, a spray tan or rubbing on a tanning lotion can temporarily get rid of the appearance of cellulite. Darker skin does not show dimples as much. A real tan can damage your skin and make your cellulite worse.

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Getting rid of cellulite can be a complex challenge, and if you need to consult with a nutritionist or a fitness trainer, visit and look for a professional

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