How to plan a special event in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has many cutting-edge venues to host your special event. Areas such as the cosmopolitan capital hold popular establishments of museums, shopping centers, and many heritage sites that draw crowds. The various airports also make hosting special events easy for people traveling in from longer distances to the event.

serviis_marketingOrganize a team:

If you are planning a large-scale event, you may want to find a team of people to assist you. The planning process can consist of multiple tasks, and it can be easy to get lost in the planning and forget one or two of those essential parts of the event you didn’t want to miss. Someone to plan and budget for you can provide multiple benefits

  • The event planner will allow you to better manage all suppliers and get competitive offers based on your financial requirements
  • The event planner can record your ideas throughout the process and support you to make the right decisions
  • Managing the guest list can be also challenging and an event planner can handle this for you
  • The event planner can keep track of everything so you can always look back on your plans throughout the process.

serviis_event_plannerSet the date:

Once you establish the objective and your goals for the event, you are ready to set a date. Choosing a date that will not only work for you but for a majority if not all of the people, may be difficult but well worth the patience of figuring out the perfect day.


What method of transportation would you or the majority of your group prefer? If you have guests arriving from far away or simply a couple cities over, they may not want or be able to bring their own vehicle. You should decide whether your guests will be paying for the costs of their own transportation or whether you will be covering the cost for them. There are many choices in Saudi Arabia for travel, from taxis, private car services, inter-city bus transports, and even the 2019 addition of an extensive Metro network.

serviis_venuesChoosing a venue:

Once you have determined your budget and number of guests, you can decide the type of venue you would like. Of course, the venue relies heavily on the type of event. For instance, if you are planning a celebration, you may have more options to choose from including both indoor and outdoor venues. If individuals are arriving for a meeting, there are a number of convention centers all over Saudi Arabia that can easily suit your needs. Hotel convention centers can accommodate guests for meetings or professional events that take place over several days.

serviis_cateringSelect the catering service:

Another key element of the event is the catering. The catering varies depending on the type of event. It is important you decide the number of courses, the type of food (Indian vs Arabic, Mediterranean, etc); and this depends on the type of guest you are expecting at your event. Some venues offer also the catering service, but before using it, you should collect some information on the quality of their services.

serviis_mailCreate personalized invites:

Whether you are having a wedding, a family get together, or a professional meeting, it is important to get the word out. If it is a closed event, begin either making, ordering invitations, or emailing invitations. Or, you may want to call or meet with each person and invite them personally. Make sure to do this well in advance so that invitees will not have any other obligations yet. If you are planning an event open to the public, consider all your options for advertisement. Social media, signage where appropriate, word of mouth, and email notifications can supply potential event-goers with all of the essential information. Be sure to bold the name, date, time, and location of the event.

Planning an event can seem like a lot of hard work, but if you avoid waiting until the last minute to complete everything, your event planning can turn into a fun and enjoyable creative project. Remember the importance of budgeting, scheduling, and communication to make your special event a success. If you need support with your event, you can find multiple professionals on from planners to catering, venues services, and invitations.

There are various events that occur with just a single person’s life, and each one can be greatly celebrated. One last thing, if you like the article, please share it !

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