Quality Guidelines for Personal Drivers


Customers are the reason personal drivers are in business. Thus the way personal drivers carry out their jobs presents an image of themselves. Customers will judge personal drivers based on the way they are treated when the personal driver delivers the service. Personal drivers should keep in mind that:

  • They should provide every customer with a professional experience.
  • Customers are the most important people to personal drivers’ business
  • Customers are not dependent on personal drivers; personal drivers are dependent on them.
  • The customer is not someone to argue with. No one ever wins an argument with a customer

shutterstock_235215796As quality is a key parameter for customers to select a personal driver, as illustrated in a recent survey, Serviis developed guidelines for small and medium companies, providing driving services, and for independent personal drivers on how to improve the quality of their offering and meet customers’ expectations. The quality guidance addresses the following topics:

  • Driving practices
  • Standards of conduct
  • Vehicle management
  • Management of accidents

Please download the quality guidelines for personal drivers by clicking on this link – Serviis – Quality Guidelines for Personal Drivers vf

The quality guidance is not exhaustive, and it is up to the independent personal drivers and companies to change or amend it and adapt to their specific business needs.

Personal drivers in Saudi Arabia can also find few tips on how to improve their profile and get feedback from customers on Serviis blog

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