How to write a perfect introduction for a professional service provider?

It is very important for a professional service provider to properly describe the service offering, the experience in delivering the service, and any qualification and certifications. This allows to build trust and confidence with your potential customers.

A profile description / introduction should include at least the following information

  1. Name of the business
  2. Service offering e.g., installation and maintenance of CCTV camera, installation of alarm systems, etc
  3. Experience in conducting these services e.g., how many jobs the professional have completed successfully and with which customer
  4. Qualifications and certification if any e.g., ISO 9001, Saudi Aramco Certified

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A good and bad examples for a Freelancer

1- Good example for a freelancer


I am a qualified technician working on the Makkah Clock Tower, and I am providing freelance services in:

  1.  Alarm installation and maintenance.
  2. CCTV installation and maintenance.

On part time basis, I also offer tuitions on mathematics given by my education and technical background.

I have NUMBER years of experience acquired by working for large corporations, including:

  1. Technical manager in NAME OF COMPANY in Saudi Arabia.
  2.  Technician in NAME OF COMPANY in India.

I graduated from NAME OF THE SCHOOL and I have been a certified technician from the NAME OF AUTHORITY.

2- Bad example for a freelancer

Am working as a fire alarm engineer in Dammam Saudi Arabia.





A good and bad examples for a Company

1- Good example for a company

Name of the Company has been founded in YEAR and it is based in CITY. Our registration number is NUMBER.

We offer the following services:

  1.  Alarm installation and maintenance.
  2.  CCTV installation and maintenance.
  3.  Electrical system installation.

We have worked for than NUMBER private clients and we are service provider of large corporations like:

  3. NAME of COMPANY 3.

We employ NUMBER of professional technicians and we have achieved the following quality certification.

  1. ISO certification in YEAR.
  2. Certified by NAME OF ENTITY.

2- Bad example for a company

We are a good company with good qualification and experience.

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