How to develop a tutoring business in Saudi Arabia?

If you are residing in Saudi Arabia with a proficiency in English, French, Spanish, German or other languages, in Engineering, Accounting, Mathematics, Biology, Science and other subjects, you may consider beginning your own tutoring business. Teaching a language or subject for that matter can be extremely lucrative in Saudi Arabia. Language tutoring has become very popular because of the strengthening rapport between Saudi Arabia and western countries. For example, the Saudi Arabian government has made English teaching mandatory in schools, so whether or not you are a native English speaker or simply advanced in the language, you can make a great career out of tutoring.

Beginning any tutoring business can be a milestone in your career, and it is important to determine the region in which you want to open your business, the investments you can realistically and financially afford, and the precautions to take to ensure you are obeying the Saudi laws.


What region do you live in, and is there a high demand of careers requiring knowledge of a second language or specific subjects? Just by simply performing some research regarding the sector of business or tutoring you wish to get into, you can figure out where it is in high demand in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are looking to become a language tutor or a tutor for the sciences or other subjects, researching where there are many students looking for assistance will help you out.

Serviis_Accounting_TutoringDetermine Necessary Investment

As a first step, you should consider the demand for the services you are offering in the selected area of business. It wouldn’t hurt you to speak to people you may know that own business and figure out how they perform financially and what are their main costs. Estimate your profits, and figure this into the payments you may have to do, such as rent of a space, employee wages, and materials needed is paramount. Once you have a clear view of the potential profits, you should estimate the finance required to start up your business. You should consider your own financial situation, take the time to do extensive budgeting, and then decide how much money you are able to put forward to begin a tutoring business.

Getting support for a financial professional can be helpful if you are unsure how to get started or if you’re uncertain how to handle your budget. You can consider hiring an accountant on Serviis.

Serviis_lawyerObey the Law

The Saudi law will require you to have a local partner to assist you with your tutoring business. This partner may be a company or a single person. Upon registration of your business, the owner must reveal to the Ministry of Commerce that they have a significant amount of money for investing. As a business owner, you must also obtain legal advice and direction regarding registration formalities.

Starting up a new business requires a lot of attention to detail regarding the law, finances, and determining the best plan for the operation. But the booming population and tech-savvy generation create an increased demand for tutoring, including an even higher demand for online tutoring. Whether you need support to launch your own business you can consider to hire financial, marketing professionals or consultants through If you need statistics on tutoring business, please contact us we will support you.

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