Why in Saudi Arabia, you should clean the air conditioner frequently?

Weather in Saudi Arabia requires to have a clean and functioning air conditioner to be utilized most of the year, especially with extreme hot temperatures in most of regions in summer and frequent sand storms in central and eastern regions. We always hear that air-conditioner requires frequent cleaning, but do you know what is the reason for that? In this article we explain why frequent cleaning for your air conditioner is a must.

There are two main reasons why you should clean your air conditioner:

  1. Health: badly maintained and cleaned filters and ducts may cause the build-up of fungi and bacteria, which are the main cause for respiratory issues

  2. Technical: most of the common efficiency and operational problems are related to the dirt build-up on air conditioner components

 serviis_healthHow a dirt air conditioner can negatively affect your health

Poorly cleaned filters and ducts can become the home of bacteria, fungi, decomposing insects and other animals. Those bacteria can be blown in the air and result in many infections and health issues.

Dust and dirt that accumulates in the ducts can cause respiratory infections and problems, including common cold, sore throat, and tonsillitis. In addition, asthma or chronic pulmonary disease could develop if the quality of the air is not maintained at the highest level.

A properly maintained and cleaned air conditioning system can minimize those risks

 serviis_airconditioningKey components to watch out  

The evaporator and the condenser coils are the two main elements that may be affected by the dirt build-up. When those components are dirty the air conditioning system does not perform efficiently and consumes more energy.

Also, the air filter needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly as it is a key element to protect the air conditioner from dust and contaminants, and to keep the air healthier for you. A dirty filter can also negatively affect the performance of a dehumidifier and can lead to the loss of airflow through the system, overworking the motor which requires more energy to get effective air comfort.

Based on a study published in 2017 by King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia consumes more than 70% of its electricity on air conditioner and cooling systems. So keep the air conditioning system clean to save on your electricity bill.

 serviis_cleaningHow to clean the air condition system

An air conditioning system should be cleaned at least once per year. Given the dusty environment in Saudi Arabia, the air conditioning systems should be cleaned at least twice a year. During the clean-up, a regular maintenance should also be performed to prevent any major breakdowns during the summer season.

If you need to clean or maintain or repair your air conditioner, submit a request on serviis.com and receive up to 5 quotations from contractors. If you enjoyed reading the article, please share it.

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