Key Questions to Ask when Hiring a Translator

Hiring the services of a translator can be a difficult task whether you have experience in the field or not. There are many great translators out there. Separating the good translators from the great—and the great from the best one for your specific project—is a challenge. It is encouraged to find out as much as possible about the translation services for which you are considering.

serviis_language_translator-01Who will be doing the actual translation?

It is important to find out specifically who is doing the translation. Aspects such as qualification, education, language skills, and experience are necessary to consider. Each piece of work is different, and it is important that the person working on your translation has experience with similar work. The service you need may require someone with specific qualifications with legal work. Another service may require someone with a formal qualification with medical translations.  It is also important how the translator acquired his language skills. Typically it is better to take bilingual translator or professional that have actually studies in a foreign country.

serviis_RevisionWill a second translator be proofreading the work?

Even the seemingly most experienced and skilled translators make errors. It is important to keep in mind that these services are performed by humans. Like with any piece of writing, it is always important to get a second look. A fresh set of eyes is likely to locate errors if there are any because a new perspective is brought into the reading. Having work proofread by a second translator will increase the chances of an error-free translation. Though be sure that this second translator is of equal skill and qualification or else the purpose of providing a proofread will be defeated.

serviis_translation_timeHow long will the translation take to complete?

You don’t want to pay for a service without knowing the specifics such as price and amount of time to complete the service. Be sure to select a translator that matches how quickly you will need the completed translation. Consider the amount of money that different companies charge compared to the time it takes them to complete the service.

serviis_referencesCan you provide me with references?

Almost any job position requests references before someone can be hired. Don’t feel wrong in asking a potential translating service for a reference or two. A translator’s education and work experience may seem top-notch, but that doesn’t mean that they will perform the way that you expect.

serviis_discountDo you offer discounts for large quantities of work?

It is always beneficial for your finances to know if as you provide more and more work you will get a discount. This could save you both time and money. If you find the right service, you won’t have to waste time searching for a second service for a second project. The service may be eager to give you a discount because there may be a higher chance that you will continue working with them.


Translators of different experience levels and specialties are available for hire, so it is important to select the service that best matches your needs. Don’t blindly hire a translating service. Instead, ask any questions you have in order to find out as much as possible about each one.

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