How to Get Your Body Ready for Special Events?

Are you planning on attending a wedding or an important party but don’t feel fit for the event? Is your holiday coming up and you are planning to do some traveling? Our body is often the focus point in preparation before an event or major trip. While some individuals start, and often soon fail, at extreme dieting to get into shape at the last minute, there are other simpler and easier ways to feel your best physically and mentally.

serviis_carbsCut the Carbs

Food with carbohydrates can quickly add up throughout each day. Many carbohydrates do not burn off your body immediately. Instead, match the amount of carbs you consume each day to your activity level. It is suggested to drink at least a gallon of water a day, especially the couple days before your big event. Unsweetened tea is a good drink too if you want a little flavor without consuming unhealthy sugars. Be sure to avoid soda and any unnecessary sugars, including corn syrups.

serviis_workoutPlan a Workout Schedule

Cardio is the foundation of fitness. Try to get some cardio workouts in a few days prior to your event. Whether you enjoy intense workouts such as running miles, using the elliptical, or even performing beach body workouts, or if brisk walks make you feel healthy and active, either exercise routine is a great start. Even after your event is over you may want to continue with the workout routine that you have started, promoting a healthy lifestyle. While consuming as much water as possible will benefit your appearance and health days before your event, try to keep yourself from drinking too much the day before and day of your event as you may appear to be bloated.

serviis_cream_carePrep Your Appearance

It can be a good idea to start planning your outfit and prepping your skin before your event. The last thing you want to happen is to realize you only have a few hours before you need to leave and you still haven’t planned an outfit. Do you ever leave the house realizing that you forgot to apply lotion to your legs or that you face is too oily or too dry? Exfoliate and moisturize your face and dry skin areas ahead of time. Use natural lotions and creams to moisturize your face to preserve moisture and create a healthy oil layer on your skin. If you have sensitive skin, it may be a good idea to avoid antibacterial solutions unless you are familiar with the solution. These can dry your face out and create redness or puffiness.

serviis_sleep_deepGet Sleep

Be sure to get appropriate sleep. Getting enough rest gives you energy for the day ahead of you and can make you feel much better. If you are happy and displaying a positive attitude, you may appear to look much healthier. Sleep also helps to prevent dark circles under your eyes and helps increase your metabolism.

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