Why scuba diving in Saudi Arabia?

About 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by oceans as such most of human beings only see a third of the world. A scuba diver differs from a common human being because he/she has the opportunity to discover amazing underwater places across the world with flourishing coral reefs, ancient wreck, and colored fishes.

We asked our scuba diving instructors why people start diving in Saudi Arabia and based on their feedback came up with the following list:

  • Saudi Arabia is offering divers to see underwater places that have not been seen by many others with pristine reefs, dolphins, and much more.
  • In Saudi Arabia, you can dive all year-round along the Red Sea coast as the water temperature does not go below 23 Degree Celsius.
  • Diving is relaxing as it allows to escape the frenetic daily life and to enjoy a peaceful underwater environment, where the focus is on breathing and what you see through the mask.
  • The diver can enjoy a weightless environment once you have learned how to float.
  • It is cool, especially you like to travel and visit exotic places with coral reefs.
  • You can learn a bit more about your body especially on how to manage high external pressure and how to breath to save oxygen.

However, instructors advise to take a formal training before adventuring in scuba diving and be always accompanied by expert divers. There are very few physical requirements to start diving but a medical fitness test is recommended. If you want to start diving or book some diving classes or diving trips from a diving center in Jeddah, visit serviis.com

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