Quality Guidelines for Air Conditioning Maintenance and Repair

Delivering a high quality service is key to remain competitive and to succeed in the current business environment. This was also confirmed by our customer survey

Figure 1 – Key parameters considered when hiring a service provider

However some business owners and professionals struggle to improve service quality and retain their customers. A bad experience can drive your customers away for years.

Serviis would like to provide to our network of service providers some quality guidelines and check-lists which might help to improve and maintain high quality standards.  Those quality guidelines are developed by our experts, and can be tailored for different businesses. 

The quality guideline for air conditioning maintenance and repair professionals includes the following sections 

  • a section on quality management 
  • a section on support management processes (e.g., HR, IT, Finance) 
  • a section on core business processes, focusing on business capturing and delivery
  • a section on measurement, analysis and continuous improvement 
  • a section with main quality checklists

Please download the air conditioning maintenance and repair quality guidelines – Air Conditioning – Quality Guidelines Draft

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