Why Kids Should Learn How to Swim?

Are you considering taking your child to swimming lessons? Are you willing to teach your child how to swim yourself? Whether you plan on taking a professional to teach your child how to swim or you would rather handle it yourself, learning to swim is beneficial for a child’s health and safety. Swimming can provide children with a social opportunity through the sport of swimming and leisurely swimming with family and friends. The activity can also serve as a safety precaution if an accident were to occur where your child would be stuck in the water or at the moment when your child would have to enter the water.


Drowning is a leading cause of injury and death to children. Since water is all around us, including being in bathtubs and bodies of water where you and your child may be the only people in the area at a given time, it is essential to learn how to swim. Children can easily grow tired or lose their breath while in the water. Therefore, learning how to stay above water and what to do if you go under is crucial to your health and safety.

goh-rhy-yan-583044-unsplashSwimming as a Sport

For children looking for a low-impact sport, swimming can be the perfect sport. Since your body is nearly completely buoyant when you are neck deep in water, swimming is a great sport for your health as it is easier to carry it across the water when compared to carrying it across the land.

As with many sports, injuries are common, but swimming mainly uses your legs and shoulder muscles. If you pull a muscle in your shoulder, you can still stay in shape and practice the sport by using your leg power to practice kicking. This way you are still able to improve in aspects of the sport while still being injured. There may not be many other sports where you can still practice and improve while being injured.

quino-al-382178-unsplashLearn About Teamwork

While swimming is a team sport, you are swimming individually. Therefore, a child can learn the value of working together as a team while also pushing themselves to compete against every other swimmer as an individual competitor. Hours can be spent together practicing and traveling to swim meets, but once you are in the pool, you are competing individually against the clock.

stocksnap_tzhycanbo9.jpgLearn Time Management

Many sports can teach a child the importance of time management. Swimming provides you with nothing less than this lesson. Between scheduled practices, swimming for fun, and participating in outside activities, time management is an important skill to develop. Many high schools and colleges have swim practices twice a day, so time can become extremely limited.

brooke-lark-158017-unsplash.jpgPromotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Besides a loss of weight, swimming can tone your body and build muscle. It can also increase your metabolism. Swimming can ultimately encourage a healthy lifestyle. You can get an intense work out completed with little risk of injury.

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