How to Get Glowing Skin?

Do you constantly see actresses or models with bright glowing skin? Do you want to learn how to make your skin look just as healthy? Achieving glowing and healthy skin can seem unattainable at times, but it can be a lot easier if you take a few steps into consideration.

serviis_showerTake Cool Showers

Taking steaming hot showers can actually eliminate the moisture and good oils from your skin. Long showers can also add to this skin damage. Try to limit your showers to less than 10 minutes with cooler water.

serviis_dryCheck Your Dryness

Try scratching a part of your arm. When you scratch, if a white mark appears and is left, this can mean that your skin is dry. Exfoliating your skin may help. By doing this, you are removing the dead layer of skin. Then, you can apply moisture through a lotion or other cream.

serviissContinue From Your Face

Why stop at just treating your face for dry skin? Continue to treat other dry areas of your body such as your neck and shoulders. There are areas on your body that are more sensitive than others and can become more damaged when exposed to the sun. Especially in Middle Eastern climates with the hot and dry climates, it is important to exfoliate and moisturize. It is important to treat your upper chest to prevent aging and damaged skin.

serviis_faceUse a Humidifier

A humidifier provides your air with moisture. This can help to keep your skin fresh and prevent it from drying out as you go through each day. During colder or dryer months it can help to prevent your skin from getting itchy or dry. Humidifiers also can add benefits to your health as they help you to breathe easier. It is easier to breathe in air that is moist.

serviis_soapUse Soaps with Fat

Soaps such as Dove and Neutrogena have added fats. This is beneficial for your skin because they can leave it with good oils which create a protective film on your skin, keeping in moisture.

serviis_oil-01Tone Your Skin

Certain substances can help to tone your skin. A mixture of sage, witch hazel, and the combination can give you positive results. Sage actually controls oily skin, leaving you enough to have moist skin but not an excess of oil. Peppermint gives you a little tingle, almost like using a muscle relaxing cream. Witch hazel builds up the protective layer of the skin.

servii_makeup-01Use Simple Makeup

Many makeups can cause breakouts or oily skin. Consider the makeup products that you are currently using. Do you have sensitive skin? Staying away from antibacterial products may be a good call if you do. Products with a fragrance or a color can also irritate your skin.

serviis_glovesWear Socks and Gloves While You Sleep

You can achieve softer hands and feet by rubbing on moisturizing lotion before bed and sleeping in socks and gloves. Choose fabrics that are thin and soft.

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