Do Indoor Plants Have an Impact on Your Health?

Nature is often thought of as soothing and as being a stimulant of relaxation. While plants can demonstrate mental and physical health through their physical appeals, whether they have the ability to improve one’s health is a topic that is often questioned. The dry climates of the Middle East can make it hard to keep a garden outside, but caring for plants indoors may be beneficial for your health and well-being.

The process of photosynthesis allows plants to absorb carbon dioxide and provide people with oxygen that they release. Previous studies have also shown that the soil of indoor plants absorbs pollutants that can be harmful to your health such as benzene and formaldehyde. Although a significant improvement of the air quality in your home may not be possible, there can be a small positive impact on your health. Despite this aspect of keeping indoor plants, they are also known to producing allergens which could harm your health. Allergens can cause immune responses that can even be mild or severe, based on the specific person. There are many Middle Eastern plants that can be grown indoors while providing you with health benefits and fresher air.

serviis_Money PlantMoney Plant

This plant grows quickly with vines to add décor to your home. The money plant also helps to purify your air. You can plant it in a basket or even string it up furniture so that it can climb as it grows. This plant can live in drier soils so it can survive in the desert-like climate of the Middle East.

serviis_Peace LilyPeace Lily

This peace lily provides you with fresher air and provides beautiful flowers. It can survive in environments with low light. It does not require frequent waterings, but you should water it weekly, especially when it is blooming with flowers.

serviis_Moth OrchidMoth Orchid

The moth orchid is an extremely easy plant to care for and keep in dryer environments. It does not require a highly-lit environment. Flowers can even last up to three months if the plant is sitting somewhere that it can receive bright light indirectly.

serviis_Mother-in-Law TongueMother-in-Law Tongue

This plant can be very beneficial for your home because it actually absorbs carbon dioxide during the night time. It then gives out oxygen to the room. This plant is able to rid the air of benzene and formaldehyde in the Middle East. It is also fairly easy to care for, as you only have to water it every two weeks.

serviis_Spider PlantSpider Plant

A spider plant can help to put oxygen into the air while also being an easy plant to care for. It is a great plant for beginners, and it reproduces very quickly.


There are many plants available for indoor growing in the Middle East. While plants can encourage relaxation and enhance the appearance of your home, they might also provide health benefits and provide fresher air.

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